First things first, what’s with the name? It’s Dutch and pronounced Hoe-TAIL-ing; and it’s not even our name. Way back in 1666-ish, in New York State, the first of my line decided to take the name of the Judge he was currently up in front of. Crazy, right? Why couldn’t he have been arraigned by Judge Smith, is my question.

As for me, I wanted to be an actor since I got my first laugh off an ad-libbed line. That was when I was staring as The Grinch, in first grade. So I got it bad.

Born and raised in Coastal New Hampshire, (think Lobster Pots not Crawford’s Notch), I had a pretty standard New England up-bringing of khakis and sailing. I loved movies and plays and consumed them vociferously.

After working in the Regional Theater circuit, I moved to New York and was fortunate enough to start studying with Bill Esper. It was everything I had hoped. Ever since, I have been doing both comedies and dramas.  I am in both SAGAFTRA and Equity.

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